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Search Solutions to help monetize your assets

Even if you have a small content website or Your website is a daily focal point for hundreds of thousands of people we can Monetize the traffic on your website to get you the best out of your traffic! 

Our pool of search feeds can help monetize your assets and make sure you get maximum revenues. We will handle your monetization so you can focus on what you do best – Your Content



Maximize your Chrome or FireFox extensions revenue with guaranteed exclusive RPMs

If you own an extension, make the best out of it! Maximize your revenues from your Chrome or Firefox extensions
we Support independent developers and large companies

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Social awarness

Join us to make a difference, one search at a time

charitable search engines, You can easily choose the charities you wish to support,

  • Google/Bing-style search results

  • Powered by Bing, giving you the latest, most relevant search results

  • Embedded images, videos, and top news stories feature within the main search results

  • A knowledge panel featuring a Wikipedia synopsis relevant to your search query is shown along with your search results

  • Relevant social media links are included in the knowledge panel

  • Execute your searches directly on lots of other popular sites, e.g. Google, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • Dedicated image search with images displayed in a gallery format

  • Dedicated video search with 50 large video thumbnails displayed in a gallery 

  • No need to create an account - Super-fast loading speed

  • Mobile-friendly - Free to use

  • Does not track you or store your search results or IP address

  • Browser extensions available for ChromeFirefox, and Edge browsers

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Monetization opportunities

We provide several options for Monetization for our customers, we work with our customers to find the optimal solution that will ensure maximum revenue from their traffic


Affiliate Search Suggestions

Patentability Search

Affiliate Search Results


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